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Colorful Tree 5D Diy Diamond Painting Kits UK

  • £17.00
  • Product Code: M00000479
  • Availability: In Stock

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Anyone can be an artist with diamond painting kit and create stunning masterpieces. This special form of art has introduced various themes for every taste and occasion. Diamond painting kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful work of art achieving the subtle tones to make your painting look realistic. It's also an excellent choice for leisure activity.

Special Note: 
The larger the design canvas, the more detail in the final product.
Frame is not included
Pasting Area: All of the pictures are fully covered with diamonds unless otherwise indicated.
Each one includes everything you need to complete an entire picture. The kits are packaged properly in order to prevent any kind of damages. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

About Size: The product size in the purchase order is the same as the actual picture, while the side length of the canva is 5 cm longer than the actual picture. If you order a product with a size of 30×40cm, the size of the canva is approximately 35×45cm.

The size of square drills is 2.5×2.5mm, and that of round drills is 2.8×2.8mm. The clarity of square drills-based products is 11% higher than that of round drills-based ones.

Why Diamond Painting?

    • HIGH QUALITY CANVAS: Each kit features beautifully detailed outlines of the composition with each color indicated by a symbol. The painting canvas is waterproof and has a sticky background so that you could easily complete the picture.


    • SUITABLE FOR ALL: Diamond painting kits inspire people of all ages. These exciting kits don't require any knowledge or skill to fulfill a classic artwork. 


    • RECREATION: Creating your own art is ecstatic and entertaining. Diamond painting kits are fun and easy to paint. Experience a sense of achievement as well as reduce stress, enhance self-confidence and most importantly enjoy your free time.


    • FANCY DECORATION: With patient effort you can create an amazing work of art that will add life to any space.


  • PERFECT GIFT: Diamond painting can enhance relationships and provide strong bonding experience for friends and family. It is a great gift for birthday, wedding or new accommodation.

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